Cinesthesia – The science behind the Art of Film

The cinematic experience is a complex phenomenon where it is crucial to study its means of significations. Throughout the history of cinema, the image has been treated as a visual signal, and the sound as an audible one. However, all waves have the potential of being transcoded into different modes of perception. The signifiers; i.e. the signs’ sound and light as physical forms, can be rendered to energy that can be again materialized in a different physical form.

The cognitive process and the neurological mechanism of the human brain are based on the process of association. It is then a fertile space for the transcoding and the shift of the forms of energy. It is where the sound is able to express an image, and the image expresses a sound. Consequently, the cinematic experience and the way it produces meaning are then shifted. It is therefore the igniter of this study that associates the different behaviors of the signifier, where the signification of the image is in its sound, and the signification of the sound is again in the image that it recreates; thus the Cinesthetic experience.

Pretty much of what happens in this beautiful example:

Stay tuned to discover the science behind the art of Film!

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